A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Honey Up is a bee-themed resource management game that sees the player leading their bee hive to make enough honey for the winter! Purchase bees, upgrade your hive, battle some frogs, and HONEY UP to form the greatest bee hive in the forest!

Created for the Chillennium 2019 game jam.

Team Members - Ryan Pfeifer, Corbin Petersheim, Emily Gueldner, and Jonas Simpson.



  • Reset game values after game concludes (win/lose screen fix)
  • Fixed nectar display error when nectar value exceeds 100
  • Fixed issue that caused flowers to appear gray before they had been used up
  • Increased frame rate and gameplay smoothness
  • Tweaked hive radius values at each hive level
  • Tweaked frog AI

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, and run Chillennium2019.exe


Download for Windows 201 MB
Download for Mac 201 MB
Honey Up! - Original Chillennium Edition 201 MB


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Awesome game!  Love it!